Huda Beauty Desert Dusk- Review and Swatches

This is one highly requested review! And that isn’t surprising, considering that the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette has been one of the most popular eyeshadow palettes these past few months. When I saw it online, I knew I just had to have it, and also review it for you guys!

First off, Huda Beauty did NOT disappoint with this gorgeous packaging. The palette comes in a pretty, royal purple box, and the lid of the palette has Huda’s eyes printed on them, with gorgeous holographic details in the headpiece. It feels super sleek, and the best thing is the HUGE mirror on the inside, which is so convenient!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

The Desert Dusk palette comes with 18 eyeshadows, and retails for $65. Even though that price tag feels pretty big, I believe that it’s totally justified. Read on to find out why.

You get 18 eyeshadows, which is a pretty good amount. Most high-end palettes which retail from $40-60 usually contain 12-14 eyeshadows, so considering that the Huda Beauty palette is pretty on par in terms of pricing.


Processed with MOLDIV

With flash

Of the 18 colours, eight are mattes, six are pressed pearls (shimmery colours), three are duo-chrome toppers and one is a pressed glitter. The eyeshadows in this palette feel buttery and slightly soft the touch, and are SUPER pigmented. The mattes apply and blend seamlessly, while the shimmery colours pack a crazy amount of pigment onto your eyelids when applied with your finger or a flat brush. The pressed glitter works best when applied with your finger, especially if you apply some sort of tacky base on your eyelid first, such as a glitter glue or eyeshadow primer.

I love the colour scheme of this palette! All the eyeshadows compliment each other, and you can create endless soft or dramatic looks. There’s a good mix of warm and neutral colours, with one or two cool-toned colours thrown into the mix. I personally prefer warmer or more neutral toned colours anyway, so this is the perfect palette for me. I also loved the gorgeous warm browns, orangey, red and purple tones that run throughout the palette. All in all, I’d say it’s a very versatile palette that can be used for soft, everyday looks or bold and dramatic nighttime ones too. Save a matte black eyeshadow, it has pretty much all you’d need to create tons of stunning eye looks. That’s why I also prefer to travel with it- it’s my all-in-one, go-to palette these days, and definitely in my top favourite palettes!


Top two rows (L: without flash, R: with flash)

Processed with MOLDIV

Bottom row (L: without flash, R: with flash)

If you’re unsure whether or not to get the Desert Dusk palette, I’d recommend you go for it if you want something versatile, mostly warm toned, and great for travelling too. I’m in love with the Desert Dusk palette, and I totally understand the hype around it.

So, if you’re convinced that you just HAVE to have this palette, I say treat yourself! It’s definitely worth it.


Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter- Review and Swatch

Hey dolls!

If you love to glow just as much as I do, then you know how it feels when you come across a new highlighter or luminizing product. Today’s review is on this super cool product from one of my fav drugstore brands, Makeup Revolution- their liquid highlighter in the shade ‘Champagne’.

The product comes in this super luxe glass bottle with a dropper. It has a rose gold cap, and holographic (!!!) wrapping all around the bottle. You can see the product peeking through the bottom. I absolutely love how Makeup Revolution designed these liquid highlighters, because they look GORGEOUS (and so sparkly) on my vanity! It honestly reminds me of a high-end makeup product which costs $30 or more, rather than the $8 that it actually costs on their website. Also, you get 0.61 OZ or 18ml, which is a ton of highlighter.


This product comes in 7 different shades, and I actually wanted to purchase the colour ‘Luminous Gold’ as well, but unfortunately I couldn’t get my hands on it. ‘Champagne’ is a beautiful metallic shade which is pretty true to its name. I love the fact that it has a good mix of golden and peachy tones, meaning that whether you have warm or cool undertones, chances are this highlighter will look great on you.



I was SHOOK by how pigmented and metallic this actually is. A little bit of product goes a LONG way, so make sure not to apply too much, or you could look like a disco-ball. Not cute. I find that applying a few tiny drops onto the high points of my face and then blending it in with a beauty blender works the best.



Swatch with flash in artificial lighting


Swatch with flash in natural lighting

The way I personally use this is either under my foundation for a subtle and natural glow, or on top when I want more of an oomph. I also like to layer a powder highlight on top when I’m going for that blinding glow. For days when I want an all-over glowy and dewy look (especially those dry skin days) I like to mix a drop or two into my foundation. You can also add this to your moisturiser on days when you don’t want to wear foundation, but I’d recommend keeping a light hand because it can look a tad glittery if you add too much. Another fun way of wearing this would be adding it to your collarbones to make them pop!


Here’s a photo of me wearing the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter in natural lighting (topped with a powder highlighter)

Another thing that I like about liquid highlighters like these, is that they’re perfect for people with dry skin or texture on their face. Powder highlighters can sometimes emphasize texture, so if you suffer from that, liquid highlighter could be the way to go.

Overall, I’m in love with this product. I have a couple of family weddings coming up this month, and I can’t wait to dazzle in my pictures! If you’re looking for a gorgeous, blinding highlighter on a budget, then I’d definitely recommend you get the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter.

P.S: I bought this highlighter from Daraz, for PKR1100.


Tree House Cleansing Makeup Wipes

Hey dolls!

Today’s post is on the Tree House Cleansing Makeup Wipes. Tree House reached out to me and told me they wanted to send me their product for testing out and PR purposes. However, I was definitely not expecting to receive such a gorgeous basket with some great products! So thank you a bunch for such a sweet gesture, Tree House!


The basket they sent me contained their Cleansing Makeup Wipes, Maybelline’s Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara, a tin of Cavendish and Harvey’s Wild Berry Drops and a mini jar of Acacia Honey (which just happens to be my favourite).


So now, onto the product review. Their Cleansing Wipes come in packs of 25 wipes each, are pH balanced and contain 0% alcohol, which makes them gentle and they won’t dry your skin out. It also claims to remove water proof mascara, be safe for eyelids, leave no residue and contain exfoliating aloe vera. So overall, it sounds great.


Tree House Cleansing Makeup Wipes

I’ve been testing these wipes out for about a week, and I will say that they stayed true to the claims and actually made my face feel super fresh and clean afterward, whilst not making my face feel dry. I also noticed that the makeup wipes were definitely comfortable to use around my eye area. I have tried many makeup wipes that just made my eyes itch and burn and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling at all. However, the Tree House makeup wipes caused me no such irritation.


The claims on the back of the makeup wipes

Another thing which surprised me was how quickly they removed my makeup. And I’m not talking about just BB cream and light makeup- I tried these out on Eid too, and trust me, I did a full face of makeup complete with water resistant mascara, eyeliner, full coverage foundation, eyeshadow, blush, highlighter and liquid lipstick etc. I faced no problems removing any of it. In fact, a few quick swipes and my skin was squeaky clean. The Tree House makeup wipes also smell super fresh and that’s honestly the kind of scent I’d prefer to smell when I’m removing my makeup after a long, tiring day. I think these makeup wipes are probably some of the best ones I’ve tried!

Some of the other advantages are the low price point (PKR 300 for a pack) and the fact that Tree House is a local brand and I fully believe in supporting our local businesses and encouraging them to grow. Tree House Cleansing makeup wipes are available at Scentsation stores nationwide, among many other places. So the next time you go shopping for makeup wipes, I’d suggest you give these amazing Tree House ones a try and see for yourself why I love them!

P.S: These makeup wipes were sent to me by the company. However, that does not alter my opinion in any way. I will always give my readers my honest thoughts and reviews. xx


Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit- review and swatches

Hey dolls!

It’s been a hot minute since I posted. A2 has kept me super super busy, but I have some fun reviews coming up soon! I’m going to try my best to post weekly from now on. Also, in case you didn’t notice, I changed my blog’s name from ‘Muffins and Couture’ to ‘Iman Agha’s Blog’. So in case that caused any confusion, I hope this clears it up.

Okay so, all of that rambling aside, let’s get into this review! I purchased this from the ABH website but it’s also available in Sephora stores and online (it was sold out there when I bought mine). It cost me $40, which isn’t bad for 6 highlighters. I expected the pan size for each highlighter to be small, but surprisingly they’re quite big. So all in all, I’d say this glow kit is a pretty good bang for your buck.


I’m going to talk about packaging first. The glow kit comes in a gorgeous pale pink and silver shimmer cardboard box and identical sleeve. The cardboard box has a magnetic clasp and looks and feels super luxe. I adore the packaging and I think it looks so pretty sitting in the middle of my makeup collection!


The glow kit contains a pretty good mix of colours. I was honestly impressed with just how versatile this palette is, and it’ll probably suit people with many different skin tones and undertones. I was happy to see that it didn’t just have highlighters in the same colour family; instead each highlighter is pretty different. It contains white to gold to pink, which makes it super wearable for almost anyone.


The colours themselves are: Kitty Kat, Forever Young, Daydream, Forever Lit, Glo Getter and 143. When I first bought the palette, I thought I’d mostly be using the golden toned colours. But to my surprise, I use Kitty Kat and Forever Young even more than the gold ones. Here’s a closer look at all the colours:

IMG_9904These highlighters are superrrr pigmented. One swipe of my finger in the pan, and my finger is literally coated with the product. It’s insane. They’re also very metallic, but I love that you can build up from a sheer highlight (if you apply the product sparsely) to a super intense, blinding glow. For the most intensity, spray a product like MAC Fix+ onto your brush and then apply the highlighter. You’ll be glowing to the HEAVENSSS! The highlighters feel creamy and buttery to the touch, go on smoothly and apply like a powder. So I really do like the formula of these. Here are some swatches: IMG_9941


Top to bottom: 143, Glo Getter, Forever Lit, Daydream, Forever Young, Kitty Kat

The only colour that I have a bit of a problem with is ‘Daydream’. It’s quite a bright peachy colour which I would personally not wear as a highlight, and it’s the only colour that I feel has a more chunky glittery look to it. Its not super noticeable when you wear it, but compared to the other colours I feel like it’s less finely milled. However, these highlighters do have a little bit of fall out. It’s nothing major and can easily be remedied with the swipe of a clean brush, but I thought it would be worth mentioning anyway. If you absolutely cannot stand fall out then you might have a bit of an issue with this glow kit.

All in all , I really like the Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit. I think it’s a great price for 6 highlighters and due to the wide range of colours within the palette, it’s perfect for makeup artists or people who love having lots of colours to experiment with (like me!). Another awesome thing about this palette is that you can use these highlighters as eye shadows too. They make a gorgeous shimmery lid colour and give off the effect of a pressed pigment (once again, Fix+ comes in super handy here). I’d recommend this palette to all the highlighter junkies out there, as well as MUAs looking to expand their makeup collection.


I hope you guys found my review helpful! I’m totally open to suggestions about what you want to see next, so let me know.

P.S: Follow my blog’s new IG account: imanagha_


until next time!


Hair Matters Essential Basket- Review!

Hi dolls!

I first heard about Hair Matters a couple of months ago, when I saw a post on Facebook of a girl’s gorgeous tumbling locks, claiming that she had used this company’s products to achieve her beautiful hair. I was instantly intrigued because my hair is naturally on the drier side, and also because I used to use a ton of heat (I don’t anymore), which stunted my hair growth a lot. At first, I was kind of hesitant because I wasn’t sure if the products would work or not, but I finally decided to try them out and ordered their Essential Hair Basket in July, while I was in Karachi.

So, the Essential Hair Basket costs PKR1800, and it comes with a hair oil and a powdered hair mask. I’ll get more in-depth about the products a little later in the post. I first want to tell you guys about my experience with the company. They’re a Lahore-based company so when I gave my order, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it arrived about 5 days later. Also, the pump on the bottle of oil was broken so I messaged them and they were super cooperative! They sent me a replacement bottle absolutely free of charge: talk about great customer service!

I received the Hair Matters products in a basket which was wrapped all in pink and looked super girly and cute. And the packaging of their products is stunning too. The Ultimate Hair Treat Oil comes in a huge bottle, while the Healthy Hair Mask comes in a jar. The hair oil contains a mixture of lots of different oils, so you’re getting the benefit of all of them in one bottle, which is awesome. To use the hair mask, you’re supposed to mix a few drops of the hair oil with 2 tablespoons of the powder and some yogurt. All the instructions are written on the back, which is super helpful!

I ended up really liking both the products. The hair oil really does add some shine and silkiness to my hair, but doesn’t weigh it down. The pump is also a great addition, which ensures that I don’t take out too much product. And as for the hair mask, it gives my hair a lot of bounce and volume after I wash it out, and keeps my hair looking super silky. I also believe that both the products have helped with repairing my split ends and added some length to my hair, so I’d definitely recommend the Essential Hair Basket!

Have you guys tried any of Hair Matters’ products out? What did you think? I’m thinking of trying out their Eyelash Growth Oil next, so when I do, I’ll keep you guys posted on what I think of that, too.

Until next time, beauties! xx



The Balm ‘Batter Up’ Eyeshadow Sticks-Review

Hello there, pretty girls!

As some of you may know, I’m in Karachi for the summer once again. And as you may also be aware, The Balm Cosmetics has also opened some counters in this city. Super exciting, I know! So, of course I had to go and check out the stuff they had so I could splurge on some makeup and truly get into the vacation spirit, haha.

These Batter Up eyeshadow sticks instantly caught my attention and when I swatched them, I was super impressed. They went on very smoothly as the consistency was nice and creamy, but still firm enough to be precise and not smudge everywhere. What impressed me even more was that the swatches stayed put ALL DAY. Cross my heart, I’m not even exaggerating. Even when I rubbed the swatches with my finger in an attempt to rub them off, they didn’t budge. A makeup wipe did the job, though.

So of course I went and purchased them the very next day. Initially, I had planned on getting just one but I ended up getting two instead as they’re very different shades and I personally use colours like these a lot in my makeup routine. The colours I bought are ‘Shutout’ and ‘Moonshot’.

Before I talk about the colours themselves, I want to discuss the packaging. The Balm’s products are always packaged super cutely, and these eyeshadow sticks are no exception. I also thought the name Batter Up was very quirky and fun. They come packaged in slim cardboard boxes with cute illustrations. The product itself is a swivel-stick with the lid in the corresponding shade of the eyeshadow. All in all, I really liked the packaging and it didn’t feel cheaply manufactured or anything.

Now moving onto the actual eyeshadow sticks. Like I said before, I am a huge fan of the consistency and pigmentation. They aren’t too hard or dry, and neither are they too soft or creamy. They’re nice and firm yet still buttery enough to apply smoothly. The pigmentation is pretty much insane. With a single swipe, you get a gorgeous wash of metallic shimmer. Perfection! These sticks are also pretty buildable. You can either blend them out to a sheer, pearly finish or add more layers to get a really pigmented metallic look. They also blend easily but beware that they dry fairly quickly, so you’ll have to work fast. I personally prefer to use my fingers to blend them out, but you can also use a brush.

The first shade is ‘Moon Shot’, which is a beautiful, soft rose gold. It definitely leans more towards the pink side, but has some gold tones in it as well. The next shade is ‘Shutout’, which is a rich bronze with gold undertones. It’s actually very similar to Urban Decay’s Smog, so if you’re familiar with that eyeshadow you can make an easy comparison. I’ve added swatches below so you can see what they really look like:

L: Without flash; R: With flash

Each Batter Up eyeshadow stick retails for PKR 2190, but I got lucky and got 10% off on these due to some promotion (not sure what it was for). The price may seem a bit steep for an eyeshadow, but you do get 1.6g of product so from that perspective it isn’t terribly expensive, and you know you’re making an investment! Plus, they also double as an eyeshadow base, so you don’t need to use primer underneath them, and you can also use them as a way to intensify the eyeshadow you’re going to apply on top.

They also had a couple of other beautiful colours ranging all the way from chocolate brown to copper to purple, so I suggest that you check them out!

Until next time,


P.S: Read my review on The Balm’s Mary Loumanizer here.


Hey loves. 

I went out for a shopping trip and dinner date with my mom last night, and here’s what I wore! 

Denim shirt: Zara 

Camisole: Forever 21 

Jeans: Mango 

Shoes: Vans 

Bag: Michael Kors 

Necklace: Forever 21


P.S: I’m sorry for the bad picture quality. The lighting wasn’t great and it was taken from my phone camera. 

But on another note, denim shirts are really on trend this summer, and you can’t go wrong with a classic white jean in the hotter months of the year! I decided to keep my makeup very fresh and natural, and opted for a nude lip and light peachy cheeks, with a hint of shimmer on my eyes and cheekbones. I also went for fluffy, flirty lashes and kept my eyeliner nice and simple. Here’s a full list of all the makeup that I used: 

MAC Fix+ 

Maybelline Fit Me foundation and concealer 

Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder 

Diana of London eyebrow pencil ‘Brown’

Beauty UK Sweet Cheeks in ‘Strawberry Jelly’

Mary Loumanizer

Urban Decay ‘Sin’ (all over lid shimmer) 

Catrice ‘Made to Stay’ nude pencil 

Rimmel gel liner 

Rimmel Scandal eyes mascara 

Colourpop Stingraye liquid lipstick (blotted to look nude) 

I hope this inspired some of you! 
Until next time,